Best Attitude Status Images for WhatsApp 2020

Best Attitude Status With Images for WhatsApp


Here are some Awesome, Attitude status images & royal status in English and Attitude status quotes for the boys and girls. You are free to share these images with your friends, relatives, or those closest to you. You can express your feelings, thoughts, and views by sharing these images. The best attitude plays a vital role in one’s life. You can express your feelings by putting these Attitude images on your WhatsApp status (“attitude dp”).

You can use this attitude status for Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp, and any other social media platform.

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  • About WhatsApp

  • Best Attitude Images

  • What is WhatsApp Status

  • Short Attitude Story

About WhatsApp

I assume this application does not need any introduction. WhatsApp is one of the most downloaded free applications through which a user can easily connect through his family, friends, or with his loved ones.

WhatsApp is Free. It does not charge a single Rupee from its users. WhatsApp is a free application through which you can send – Text, video, Audio, Voice Recording, Documents, Files, Upload status, and many more things, without giving a single rupee.

Now that’s a feature of WhatsApp.Let’s talk about the owner of WhatsApp. WhatsApp.Inc is currently acquired by the well-known company Facebook. WhatsApp was founded by Brian Acton and Jan Koum in 2009, ex-employees of yahoo. And because of a lack of servers and management teams, they had to sell WhatsApp to Facebook. It was one of the biggest deals of the century. WhatsApp was sold at $19 billion.

Best Attitude Status With Images for WhatsApp 2020

Attitude Status Images for WhatsAppattitude status in english

Attitude Status Images for WhatsApp

Attitude Status Images for WhatsApp

Attitude Status Images for WhatsAppBest Attitude Status With Images for WhatsApp 2020



Whatsapp Attitude Status Image

Whatsapp attitude status

What is WhatsApp status

Whatsapp status is the heart 💘 of WhatsApp. About a half-billion users use Whatsapp status daily and upload statuses on WhatsApp. You can share the link, add colorful text, short video – Attitude status, Royal Attitude Status, etc.

Have you heard of it?

  • WhatsApp has around 2 billion+ (2018 1.5 billion+)billion downloads all over the world used in (180 countries)
  • About 1billion+ Active users
  • In India about 300+ Million user uses WhatsApp
  • About 65 billion+ messages sent daily over WhatsApp
  • About half a billion users use WhatsApp status (statistics) daily. (–sources)
  • It is inspired by Snapchat.

Attitude status for girls in english

Short Attitude Story

Arjuna: The Eye of the Sparrow Story

This is the story from the epic Holy Book “Mahabharata”. One day Prince Arjuna along with his cousin brothers were training and learning archery under the influential teacher “Dronacharya”.

Guru Drona took a dummy wooden sparrow and placed it on the branch of a tree. And asked his disciples to come one by one and aim at this sparrow’s eye.

1st prince came and aimed at the sparrow and Guru Drona Asked,” what do you see?”.

Prince responded,” A tree, A branch, A leave, The sky, The sun.

Everyone came and answered the same

When Arjuna’s turn came, Guru Drona asked the same question.

Arjuna replied, “Blackness in the centre of the eye of a sparrow”.

[su_box title=”BY Paulo Coelho” box_color=”#273e26″][su_animate type=”shake” duration=”20″]“Whenever you want to achieve something, keep your eyes open, concentrate and make sure you know exactly what it is you want. No one can hit their target with their eyes closed.”  [/su_animate][sharethis-inline-buttons][/su_box]

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Short story with images ” The Lazy Donkey And The Farmer”

facebook attitude status

There are two types of attitudes.
  • A positive one
  • A negative one

Positive Attitude

  • How to deal with a hard situation, tough times, and people around you.
  • A positive attitude finds a solution to every problem rather a complaint
  • A positive attitude person always learns something from his failure, people.

Negative Attitude

  • A negative attitude person always has a problem with every solution
  • They always complain about and blame their fate.
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