10+ Motivational Whatsapp Status (Images) in English


If you are Looking for Inspirational Or motivational quotes in English? Then you have come to the right place. In this article, we have crafted some best motivational WhatsApp status quotes with images for boys, girls people of every age. We hope you like these short motivational status in English. And feel free to share these images with your friends, family, relatives, or closest ones on various social media platforms.

motivational inspirational whatsapp status in english

whatsapp status in english

You only fail when you stop trying

motivational inspirational whatsapp status in english

A winner is a dreamer who never gives up


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Don’t Quit

Small Steps Every Day

Rome was not built in a day. Just like that, man does not become successful overnight. It requires a lot of hard work, patience, smart work, dedication. There is no short – cut or a royal road in the path of success. Everything takes time, the progress or speed may be slow at the beginning but quitting is not the better option. Quitting is just like, finding an escape. One day or day one you have to choose.

If The Plan Doesn’t Work, Change The Plan, Not The Goal

comfort is the enemy of achievement

Winners Are Not Those Who Never Fail, But Those Who Never Quit

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Have a Great dream or goal.  Work on it. Find the solution, find alternatives that can solve the problem. Focus on the solution rather than escaping or quitting. When you will solve the problem, another problem will be waiting for you. And always remember life is meaningless without a problem, difficulties, challenges. Life gets boring. For example, You want to start a business, you got a problem. Then you focus on it, find different alternatives, solutions, ideas, now you reached on next level, how you are going to set up your company or startup. It’s just like a game, keep on unlocking level. Either you will win or learn. But you will fail Better than yesterday.

A Goal without a Plan is Just a Wish

It’s a slow process, but quitting won’t speed it up.

We all are familiar with the story of the rabbit and tortoise slow and steady wins the race. Where the tortoise a slow creature defeated the fastest creature the rabbit. What does this story teach, In my opinion, it teaches us three things

  • Understand your strength believe in yourself. To achieve greatness, start where you are, use what you have, do what you can.
  • Work on your goal until unless you succeed. Find the different ways or alternatives, focus on plan A if it does not work focus on plan B if plan B do not work focus on plan C but never change the goal. If you fail, your failure will teach you a lesson and humans always learn from their mistakes. Either you fail or either you learn from that failure. But you will fail better than yesterday.
  • Do not underestimate your rivals. Spy and always try to learn from your competitors.

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