Best Short Moral Stories With Images For Everyone

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Today I am going to share two popular Best Short Moral Stories With Images For Kids, For Students, For Everyone in English. I hope you like it!


The Cunning Fox And The Crow

This story is about a cunning, smart fox, and a crow who fooled the crow by praising him. This  story teaches about:

  • The dangers of excessive praise,
  • Not to fall in wrong praise.


The Cunning Fox And The Crow Short Moral Story

With Pictures

The Fox and crow short story


Once Upon a Time, there was a crow. He was wandering around in hunger. Finally, he found a piece of bread on the road. He picked up a piece of bread.  And quickly flew away and sat on a tree branch. Suddenly a fox arrived there. And asked for a share. The crow rejected his request. But the fox was very clever. He knew how to trap the crow in his web.

short stories for kids with pictures

So he thought of a trick. He started praising the crow. He said to the crow, “Your voice is so sweet”. “Can you sing a song for me?” The crow became happy after listening to this compliment from the fox. And with enthusiasm, he started singing a song. The piece of bread fell to the ground. The cunning Fox picked it up and happily ran into the jungle.

Moral of the story:

Not to fall in wrong praise.

2. Short Moral Story

The  Fox And The Crane

This story is about the fox who creates troubles for the animal. And Makes A fun of their weaknesses.

The Fox and crow short story

Once upon a time, there was a crane and a fox. Both were close neighbors. Their nature was very different from each other. The fox was very clever, and he used to play pranks and trick on others. One day Fox was roaming here and there. And he saw a crane near the pond.  He thought he should play a prank on the crane. So he went near him and invited him for lunch. The crane accepted the proposal. short stories for kids with pictures


The next day the crane went to fox place. Fox did not welcome the crane properly. Fox took plates and poured the soup on plates. The fox started enjoying the soup. The crane tried a lot but could not drink because of his long sharp, long knife-like beaks. The fox fooled the crane.

The Crane Felt Embarrassed. And crane returned home without eating anything. And he got an idea and decided to teach a lesson to the cunning fox. After a few days, Crane invited the fox to his place. Fox accepted the proposal. And at night he went to a crane house. Crane warmly welcomed the fox and asked him to sit down.

The crane brought the long-necked jar filled with soup and placed near the fox. And asked the fox to start. The crane started drinking the soup. And fox tried hard to drink the soup. And could only lick the outside of the jar!

That day Fox realized his mistake. He felt ashamed and returned to his house.

Moral of the Story

This story tells us that it’s not right to tease people for his or her
weaknesses. Everybody has their qualities and shortcomings.

Tit For Tat.

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