{Best} Short Moral Story In English With Images

{Best} Short Moral Story In English With Images

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Today we are going to share a short story of a Mongoose and The Farmer’s Wife. This story is about the farmer’s wife who took the wrong decision in anger without thinking and on committing a sin, she suffers a lot.

This story teaches

  • We should not do any work in haste.
  • The decision must be taken after careful consideration.
  • We must make decisions very carefully.
  • Neve ever make a hasty decision with a little knowledge (A little knowledge is a dangerous thing – Proverb)

Short Moral Story In English

The mongoose and the farmer's wife Short Moral Story In English

A Moral Story with Pictures:

The Mongoose and The Farmer’s Wife

The Mongoose and the farmer's wife Short Moral Story In English


Once upon a time, a poor farmer and his wife lived in a small village. They also had a small child whom they loved so much. One day farmer was working in the field. Suddenly, he caught sight of a dead female mongoose. And found a cute baby mongoose near her. He held baby mongoose in his hands, and he got lost in his innocence. He decided to take baby mongoose to his house, As he couldn’t leave him to die.

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And after reaching home, he showed baby mongoose to his wife. But his wife turned red with anger And started yelling loudly at her husband. She asked to leave him back in the forest. The farmer knew, ”how to mash his wife”. After convincing with love, his wife finally agreed.

After a few days, the farmer’s wife started trusting the baby mongoose. Now, the baby mongoose had become the new member of the family. But still, the farmer’s wife used to doubt baby mongoose.

One day, there came a shortage of water in the farmer’s house. His wife had to go out to fetch water. So, she asked her husband to take care of the baby as well as the house.  The farmer forgot and went out for work. Baby mongoose and child were alone at the house.

Mongoose and the farmer's wife Short Moral Story In English


Suddenly, baby mongoose saw a snake coming out of the hole. He got alert and attacked the snake. And he tore the snake into small pieces and ran out of the house in search of his master.

Suddenly, the farmer’s wife arrived and saw a mongoose mouth filled with blood. She thought that baby mongoose might have killed her son, and angrily threw the pot filled with water on the baby mongoose and went inside.

She got shocked and saw a dead snake near his son. Now she understood the whole issue and was very sorry for her action, but by then it was too late.

the mongoose and farmer's wife Short Moral Story In English

MORAL: Look before you leap.

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