Short story with images ” The Lazy Donkey And The Farmer”

Short story with images ” The Lazy Donkey And The Farmer”

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This story is about a lazy Donkey and The Farmer. The Farmer is a very hard-working person, whereas the donkey avoids the work and does not want to leave his comfort zone. In this story – ” How Farmer taught a lesson to the lazy donkey”. Keep visiting as In STORYinSTATUS we share outstanding popular, real-life, short stories for kids in English with morals, a story in English with morals, animal story, etc. 

A short story with pictures and morals

The Lazy Donkey And The Farmer

Once upon a time, there was an old farmer. He used to cultivate spices, fruits, and vegetables. Along with farming, he was an excellent merchant. He used to sell vegetables and spices in his nearest town. For this, he had kept a donkey with him.

The merchant and his donkey had to travel a lot and had to face a minor river across their path. But his donkey was very lazy. He did not like to work. He always wanted to sleep and eat. So he always avoided working.

One day the demand for salt increased. The merchant took it as an opportunity. And started focusing on salt. So he put a lot of sacks on the donkey’s back. As the donkey was so lazy, its owner punished him with the stick. The merchant made a huge revenue within the week. And was very glad.

One day the merchant was leaving for the market with 6 sacks of salt on donkey back. He saw a change in the river’s flow’s water. While crossing the river, the donkey slipped and fell into the water. All the hard work of the merchant dissolved into the water. Suddenly, the donkey realized the pressure on his back got reduced.

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So, after this incident, the donkey used this trick, and the donkey used to sit in the water intentionally. As we all know salt easily gets dissolved in water. The merchant was facing an immense loss. So the merchant realized it was not just an incident, it was a well-planned trick.

To teach donkey a lesson, a one-day merchant put a lot of sacks of cotton on a donkey’s back instead of salt. So both took off for the market. While crossing the river, donkey thought he should reduce the burden a little more. So he sat in the water. But this time karma taught him a lesson.

The cotton soaked the water and became heavier. The donkey tried to get up, but the burden on the donkey’s back was unbearable.

So his master took a stick and hit and took the donkey to market and came back with those heavy sacks. That day the donkey realized not to do any trick.

Story Moral: Never try to avoid work, Work with honesty, sincerity, and with full dedication.

There is no shortcut to success.

Some quotes related to this  short story from famous authors

Winston Churchill

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